Tuesday, August 29, 2006

VoIP, SMS and IM Chat on Your Mobile Phone

Nimbuzz, based in the Netherlands, funded by Mangrove VC, who funded Skype. - Nimbuzz allows mobile phone and Internet users can communicate with each other using either SMS or voice. It installs on your mobile phone (or desktop - Windows only for now) and bridges numerous IM protocols.

Nimbuzz’s primary value proposition is that it connects the 2.2 billion users of mobile devices with the 1.1 billion Internet users in real time and for free. The application supports voice, presence and messaging and it does so between mobile devices, PC’s, and mobile to PC or PC to mobile. What’s more, these features are available to both individuals and to groups and there’s multimedia support so that in addition to voice and text, photographs can also be shared.

Using Nimbuzz you can participate in group and/or individual chats, send SMS messages anywhere in the world for 10 cents, leave or retreive a message, or call a friend anywhere in the world while only paying for a local call . The Nimbuzz client supports access to many major instant messaging communities like MSN and has the ability to let you send a “Buzz” which allows you to alert offline buddies to go online.

Group messaging and conference calling are all supported and again, the cost is only that of a local call (though it is possible that the company will charge for certain services at some point in the future) if you add up all the places where Nibuzz strips revenue from the carriers they may just become the first “Anti-Carrier” in a way that even Skype hasn’t quite managed. The application is so feature rich it’s hard to remember all the different things it can do.

Via: VoIPNow