Monday, August 14, 2006

Sony mylo: Wi-Fi Personal Communicator

Sony pushes the new fancy gadget - It's first WiFi broadband communication and entertainment device to capitalize on the growth of wireless Internet access. The new mylo personal communicator.

It connects to open 802.11b WiFi networks anywhere in the world. The mylo communicator is about fun, convenience and near-instant gratification wherever there's WiFi access. IM is easy because of the built in QWERTY keyboard.

There are no monthly service fees. So you can chat, talk and share with your friends nonstop. And the mylo communicator is made to multitask. You can play your tunes while you IM, email or browse the web! The mylo name stands for My Life Online.

The mylo communicator comes with Skype software built into it for VoIP calling. It also has Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger embedded. But Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger only support IM and not the VoIP, You'll have to use Skype exclusively for VoIP.

The mylo personal communicator will be available in September for about $350.