Friday, August 18, 2006

Philips VoIP Phone for Skype and Windows Live Messenger

Philips Australia would be shipping the cordless VoIP phones that can make Internet calls using either Windows Live Messenger or Skype, as well as using the existing landline telephone network.

The package is including tow phones: Philips VOIP321 utilising the Skype network, retail price for $129.95, Philips VOIP433 for Windows Live Messenger dual phone will sell for $159.95. (If you purchase separately that will cost $199.95 and $249.95, respectively).

To have those two handsets in the household or business enables users to carry conversations simultaneously, where one phone can be used for VoIP while the other for regular PSTN calls.

Each phone comes with a hub with two cords - a power cord, and a USB cable that users plug into a PC connected to the Internet, which allows for VoIP calls to be made. Both phones support the cordless phone technology known as DECT.

To make VoIP calls, users press a Skype or Messenger key at the base of the phone. This instantly brings up icons on the phone's LCD screen that is similar to what they'd see on their PCs.

Some of the PSTN features include a call log for missed calls, hands free, store up to 50 numbers, direct conference call and caller ID if supported by the local operator.

With both phones, calls to fellow users of Skype or Windows Live Messenger are free. However, calls from Skype or Windows Live Messenger to landlines incur a cost.

Via: VoIP Blog