Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Free PC to Phone Call By Watch The Video

Globe7 has launched a new version of its desktop communication, Video and News application, Globe7 3.0 Beta that offers real-time free voice communication, video streaming, instant messaging, 1 GB free storage space for video and photos uploading and sharing, news feeds and other features.

The product is SIP-based and the codecs they are using VP6 supported by Macromedia Flash player. They are using Akamai solution for streaming all the videos. The audio codecs are ILBC and GSM.

Globe7 3.0 Beta offers users the opportunity to earn free international and local minutes by just watching their favorite video feeds (latest news, movie trailers, music videos and more). The interactive feature of the Globe7 3.0 Beta technology revolutionizes television viewing through the power of Internet while allowing users to earn free minutes to make calls to any part of the world.

That will be followed by events such as concerts for the general public including mobile kiosks where interested folks can check out the voice and video quality of the new application. They will also be targeting communities within major metropolitan area that have a high degree of international phone call usage.

In the next two months, Globe7 will follow in the United States with the launch of its Wi-Fi capable PDA with embedded VoIP. It will be inexpensively priced and will also allow video to be received and to earn credits towards VoIP minutes. They claim that the Globe7 PDA will be priced economically enough for families to afford two PDA's, allowing them to talk PDA to PDA for free.

  • Breaking news is available from more than 15,000 categories, customized and sent in real-time to a member's desktop computer
  • The technology features a new Web 2.0 application
  • Globe7 has partnered with Verizon Business for call termination
  • Content soon will be available in localized languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, French, German and many others
  • Globe7 plans to bring commerce-based TV channels, such as the shopping channels and auction channels, live to its members. One click of a button and Globe7 members will be connected directly to sellers.

Globe7 3.0 Beta free download is available at www.globe7.com.