Tuesday, August 29, 2006

VoIP, SMS and IM Chat on Your Mobile Phone

Nimbuzz, based in the Netherlands, funded by Mangrove VC, who funded Skype. - Nimbuzz allows mobile phone and Internet users can communicate with each other using either SMS or voice. It installs on your mobile phone (or desktop - Windows only for now) and bridges numerous IM protocols.

Nimbuzz’s primary value proposition is that it connects the 2.2 billion users of mobile devices with the 1.1 billion Internet users in real time and for free. The application supports voice, presence and messaging and it does so between mobile devices, PC’s, and mobile to PC or PC to mobile. What’s more, these features are available to both individuals and to groups and there’s multimedia support so that in addition to voice and text, photographs can also be shared.

Using Nimbuzz you can participate in group and/or individual chats, send SMS messages anywhere in the world for 10 cents, leave or retreive a message, or call a friend anywhere in the world while only paying for a local call . The Nimbuzz client supports access to many major instant messaging communities like MSN and has the ability to let you send a “Buzz” which allows you to alert offline buddies to go online.

Group messaging and conference calling are all supported and again, the cost is only that of a local call (though it is possible that the company will charge for certain services at some point in the future) if you add up all the places where Nibuzz strips revenue from the carriers they may just become the first “Anti-Carrier” in a way that even Skype hasn’t quite managed. The application is so feature rich it’s hard to remember all the different things it can do.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Motorola T31 VoIP Handset for Windows Live Messenger

Motorola is racing in the hot VoIP market by launching its T31 Series VoIP handset for Windows Live Messenger service.

The Motorola T31 series consists of a base station and a handset. The base station connects the PC for enabling calls over Windows Live Messenger service and to a phone jack for placing standard PSTN calls.

Key Features of Motorola T31 VoIP Handset:
  • Uses DECT technology to provide ten hours of talk time
  • Expandable up to six T3101 phones
  • Displays online contacts and phonebook
  • Supports caller ID with visual call waiting
  • Enables quick contact to users online contacts using the PC Connect button
  • Access low cost long distance Internet calling to standard landline phone numbers from T31 handset
  • Alarm clock and speakerphone in the handset
  • Mute and Hold facility
  • Voice mail
Motorola becomes the third vendor to offer a cordless solution for Windows Live Messenger after Uniden and Philips. Also, Microsoft claims that Live Messenger has 240 million registered users worldwide.

The Motorola T31 handset will be on market for $99.99 in next month.

Via: Asterisk VoIP News

Friday, August 18, 2006

Philips VoIP Phone for Skype and Windows Live Messenger

Philips Australia would be shipping the cordless VoIP phones that can make Internet calls using either Windows Live Messenger or Skype, as well as using the existing landline telephone network.

The package is including tow phones: Philips VOIP321 utilising the Skype network, retail price for $129.95, Philips VOIP433 for Windows Live Messenger dual phone will sell for $159.95. (If you purchase separately that will cost $199.95 and $249.95, respectively).

To have those two handsets in the household or business enables users to carry conversations simultaneously, where one phone can be used for VoIP while the other for regular PSTN calls.

Each phone comes with a hub with two cords - a power cord, and a USB cable that users plug into a PC connected to the Internet, which allows for VoIP calls to be made. Both phones support the cordless phone technology known as DECT.

To make VoIP calls, users press a Skype or Messenger key at the base of the phone. This instantly brings up icons on the phone's LCD screen that is similar to what they'd see on their PCs.

Some of the PSTN features include a call log for missed calls, hands free, store up to 50 numbers, direct conference call and caller ID if supported by the local operator.

With both phones, calls to fellow users of Skype or Windows Live Messenger are free. However, calls from Skype or Windows Live Messenger to landlines incur a cost.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

VoIP Calls via Logitech EasyCall Desktop

Logitech EasyCall Desktop is a complete solution for Internet calling and navigating the PC. The EasyCall Desktop´s full-duplex speakerphone includes Logitech RightSound Technology, which eliminates echoes for clear headset-free VoIP calls. The speakerphone acts as the control center for the Internet calling experience, with volume up and down, mute, call pick-up, and call hang-up buttons that make it easy for people to manage online calls. The product also comes with a stereo headset that can be plugged into a convenient port on the speakerphone.

A stylish cordless keyboard provides people with the ability to launch Internet communications applications, easily change their online status, and make and accept calls. Convenient speed-dialing controls offer one-touch calling to friends, family, or co-workers. These easily accessible buttons can be used to store and dial either telephone numbers or IP addresses associated with user names.

The product is optimized for use with Internet calling applications such as Yahoo! Messenger with Voice and AOL´s AIM service and Skype.

The Logitech EasyCall Desktop will be available in the U.S. and Europe in September 2006. Retail price would be USD $129.99.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sony mylo: Wi-Fi Personal Communicator

Sony pushes the new fancy gadget - It's first WiFi broadband communication and entertainment device to capitalize on the growth of wireless Internet access. The new mylo personal communicator.

It connects to open 802.11b WiFi networks anywhere in the world. The mylo communicator is about fun, convenience and near-instant gratification wherever there's WiFi access. IM is easy because of the built in QWERTY keyboard.

There are no monthly service fees. So you can chat, talk and share with your friends nonstop. And the mylo communicator is made to multitask. You can play your tunes while you IM, email or browse the web! The mylo name stands for My Life Online.

The mylo communicator comes with Skype software built into it for VoIP calling. It also has Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger embedded. But Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger only support IM and not the VoIP, You'll have to use Skype exclusively for VoIP.

The mylo personal communicator will be available in September for about $350.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Skype Bluetooth VoIP Phone from TRENDnet

TRENDnet, a California networking manufacturer of wired and wireless networking solutions has announced - The ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Phone provides a cost effective solution that allows you to make phone calls anywhere around the world. Streamline calling procedures by taking advantage of Skype features such as Contacts, Call List, SkypeOut, and Conference Call. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can also sustain 6 hours of conversation.

ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Phone Key Features:
  • Compliant with Bluetooth v2.0 Specification with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) support
  • Backward compatible with Bluetooth v1.1 and v1.2 devices
  • Support Full-Speed Bluetooth operation with Full Piconet support
  • Support Graphical LCD display with status Indicators
  • Support Long Life Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Headset support for voice communication such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and more
  • Full Skype support allows users to use Skype features directly from the phone (such as SkypeIn calls, SkypeOut, Status change, Conference Call and etc.)
  • Compatible with Windows Windows 2000/XP Operating Systems
  • ClearSky Long Range Support up to 100 meters (328 ft.) (depends on the environment)
Retail Price USD $69.99 from buy.com

For more info: Skype Bluetooth VoIP Phone

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Free PC to Phone Call By Watch The Video

Globe7 has launched a new version of its desktop communication, Video and News application, Globe7 3.0 Beta that offers real-time free voice communication, video streaming, instant messaging, 1 GB free storage space for video and photos uploading and sharing, news feeds and other features.

The product is SIP-based and the codecs they are using VP6 supported by Macromedia Flash player. They are using Akamai solution for streaming all the videos. The audio codecs are ILBC and GSM.

Globe7 3.0 Beta offers users the opportunity to earn free international and local minutes by just watching their favorite video feeds (latest news, movie trailers, music videos and more). The interactive feature of the Globe7 3.0 Beta technology revolutionizes television viewing through the power of Internet while allowing users to earn free minutes to make calls to any part of the world.

That will be followed by events such as concerts for the general public including mobile kiosks where interested folks can check out the voice and video quality of the new application. They will also be targeting communities within major metropolitan area that have a high degree of international phone call usage.

In the next two months, Globe7 will follow in the United States with the launch of its Wi-Fi capable PDA with embedded VoIP. It will be inexpensively priced and will also allow video to be received and to earn credits towards VoIP minutes. They claim that the Globe7 PDA will be priced economically enough for families to afford two PDA's, allowing them to talk PDA to PDA for free.

  • Breaking news is available from more than 15,000 categories, customized and sent in real-time to a member's desktop computer
  • The technology features a new Web 2.0 application
  • Globe7 has partnered with Verizon Business for call termination
  • Content soon will be available in localized languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, French, German and many others
  • Globe7 plans to bring commerce-based TV channels, such as the shopping channels and auction channels, live to its members. One click of a button and Globe7 members will be connected directly to sellers.

Globe7 3.0 Beta free download is available at www.globe7.com.