Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Skype New Web Messenger Mobile

If you want to make VoIP call but you are away from your PC, you do not have to worry because now Web Messenger Mobile for Skype has been launched officially.

Web Messenger Mobile allows users to make and receive VoIP calls from a number of compatible devices, which include:

1. BlackBerry Devices
2. Palm Handhelds
3. Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
4. J2ME Java Phones

Users can call anywhere in North America with any charge, while in overseas connections at low rates of Skype. The software allows users for click-to-Call, text chat, and 20 contacts free while spending $3.95 monthly will allows hundreds of users and 4-way conferencing.

To allow the WebMessenger Mobile to work, you have to leave the Skype software on your PC. You have to connect with your PC forming a direct link.

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