Monday, July 31, 2006

Vonage New Portable V-Phone

It looks like Vonage is getting into the portable VoIP phone marketplace with the introduction of their new V-Phone. According to the company, the phone can be activated by being plugged into any PC with a broadband intenet connection

The Vonage V-Phone includes everything you need to make and receive calls with a high-speed Internet connection:

  • Vonage Talk Software Pre-Loaded
  • Detachable Stereo Earpiece Microphone
  • 250MB Usable Portable Memory Storage
  • A New Vonage Phone Number
The Vonage V-Phone comes with Vonage Talk software pre-loaded – there's no need to install it on your PC and no need to restart your computer. Simply insert the Vonage V-Phone into any available USB port, plug the earpiece microphone into the side of the Vonage V-Phone and you're ready to make and receive calls! Remove the drive when you're done and the phone and all your important contact information goes with you.

The V-Phone is being aimed mostly at business users since it can potentially reduce voice communication costs including cellphone roaming charges. The phone comes loaded with Vonage Talk software and includes 250MB of memory that can be used to store files such as MP3s and digital photos. The device is priced at $39.99.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Skype New Web Messenger Mobile

If you want to make VoIP call but you are away from your PC, you do not have to worry because now Web Messenger Mobile for Skype has been launched officially.

Web Messenger Mobile allows users to make and receive VoIP calls from a number of compatible devices, which include:

1. BlackBerry Devices
2. Palm Handhelds
3. Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
4. J2ME Java Phones

Users can call anywhere in North America with any charge, while in overseas connections at low rates of Skype. The software allows users for click-to-Call, text chat, and 20 contacts free while spending $3.95 monthly will allows hundreds of users and 4-way conferencing.

To allow the WebMessenger Mobile to work, you have to leave the Skype software on your PC. You have to connect with your PC forming a direct link.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Skype Calls via SanDisk New USB Smart Drives

The world’s largest supplier of flash memory card storage products, and Skype have announced that Skype users can now make free calls and chat on almost any PC without having to download software.

Skype software will now come pre-loaded on SanDisk’s newest Cruzer® Micro and Cruzer Titanium lines of Skype-certified U3 enabled smart drives. This will allow consumers to make free PC-to-PC audio and video calls to Skype users in most major markets.

SanDisk’s Cruzer Micro and Cruzer Titanium with U3 gives users a portable way to carry files and programs without leaving any personal information behind on a computer. This means Skype users can take their Skype account complete with their contacts, settings and preferences on a device that is smaller than a pack of chewing gum and make calls, with video as an option, from any PC such as those in Internet cafes and hotels. This compact Skype is particularly useful for business travelers, leisure travelers, students and anyone who uses multiple computers.

The new drives will display the Skype logo on the packaging and will feature one free month of Skype voicemail for the mobile user to get messages from their Skype calls even when on the go.

The SanDisk Cruzer Micro with Skype preloaded is available at retail outlets in U.S. and Europe, including Skype’s online store, for suggested retail prices ranging from $39.99 to $199.99. Capacities are 512 megabytes (MB), 1 gigabyte (GB), 2GB and 4GB*. SanDisk Cruzer Titanium with Skype comes in 1GB and 2GB, at suggested prices of $74.99 and $119.99 respectively.