Thursday, June 29, 2006

Plantronics Voyager 510-USB Bluetooth Headset for VoIP

Plantronics, Inc announced that its first Bluetooth headset system, Plantronics Voyager 510-USB is optimized for VoIP connections. It will support the management and use of call management, which is featured, in the new Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

Microsoft and Plantronics have made this relationship jointly to develop new pioneering unified communications devices that will provide superior voice and data integration enabling integrated communications across the enterprise

The Plantronics Voyager 510-USB is making first step in supporting instant VoIP connectivity and extending the network through wireless Bluetooth headset. It will support the instant messaging capabilities of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 by enabling hands-free VoIP calls through a PC. It brings the following facilities:

1. Enhanced IM and presence awareness
2. Integrated telephony
3. VoIP
4. Real-time elements of conferencing and unified communications.

The Plantronics Voyager 510-USB has a plug-and-play Bluetooth USB adapter, which simplifies the set up, and use. It allows the users to switch between the multiple Bluetooth enabled devices like softphones and mobile phones.

It also includes Plantronics' PerSonoCall software, which enables users to answer/end wirelessly PC telephony calls while roaming. Professionals can roam here and there and they can do multi task by using "cutting the cord" between the PC and handset.