Friday, May 05, 2006

VoIP Next Generation of Softphone - ImagePhone

iPhone2, Inc. is a player in the crowded VoIP provider industry in the United States. iPhone2 is pushing its enhanced service called the iPhone2 service. The iPhone2 service a video-enabled softphone.

Also called ImagePhone, iPhone2 claims that this is the next generation of softphone. ImagePhone allows customers to place unlimited point-to-point voice and video calls. Users of ImagePhone can of course, make or receive voice calls from anywhere in the world.

ImagePhone has a host of advanced features - user-friendly interface, competitive PSTN termination rates and customer-friendly service plans.

The ImagePhone powerful new software lets you make free video calls with anybody, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your computer!

Not long ago only large corporations with expensive equipment and support from an IT team could make high quality video calls, but that's not true anymore!

By taking advantage of faster processing speeds and increased bandwidth, ImagePhone delivers voice and video right to your desktop.

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