Wednesday, February 08, 2006

VoIP Phone in The Multimedia Keyboard

After the mouse going VoIP, it is now the turn of another computer peripheral – the keyboard to gain VoIP.

The story goes like this: According to gizmag, computer peripheral makers A4 Tech has announced that it will launch a new Talky, which is going to me a multimedia keyboard with built-in VoIP handset at CEBIT in Hanover, Germany on March 9.

The ergonomic layout keyboard is reportedly compatible with not one VoIP service provider like the Sony VN-CX1 or the YapperMouse that works with Skype, but will work with MSN, Yahoo Message, QQ, Net2phon and Skype too. It has an addition Audio In/Out port making it usable with a headset or the built-in handset or in speakerphone mode.

more at A4 Tech