Thursday, December 15, 2005

Push-to-Talk VoIP Softphone for Business

Pangean Technologies' insta-REACT! (Real-Time Enablement for Advanced Communications Technologies) - a software-based communications solution used for instant message and instant voice communications within an enterprise.

Unlike most consumer-based IM clients, the insta-REACT! Voice Communications Platform provides secure, standards-based multimedia communications using the SIP protocol over an IP-multicast enabled network.

Its major features include presence, voice recording, global intercom, broadcast and missed broadcast, hoot and holler, instant messaging (IM), push to talk, one-to-one page sessions, and dynamic conferencing.

Insta-REACT is a great solution for when you need to instantly and spontaneously communicate with several co-workers in your enterprise, especially larger organizations that often have employees in several disparate buildings. Using an IP-based solution such as insta-React can save of the costs of a PSTN-based audio-conferencing bridge.

Full review from Tom Keating