Thursday, November 24, 2005

What the Cost for a VoIP Phone?

In marketplace:

Zyxel Prestige P-2000W VoIP WiFi Phone- $148 at
Vtech IP 8100-222 Cordless Phone- $147 at Amazon Marketplace.
Uniden UIP1868 Phone (UIP1868G)- The Twister Group, $169.
8x8 Packet8 Broadband Adapter- $54 at J&R Music And Computer World.
VOIP USB Skype Internet Phone- $41 at Page Computers.
Motorola VoIP Adapter For Vonage Service- $79.99 at

If you can find more cheap price than above, please share with us here.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

VoIP Wi-Fi Handset Security Vulnerabilities

At the Computer Security Institute’s 32nd Annual Conference, which has showed down a list of reported VoIP handset security vulnerabilities, and the current state of fixed and patches.

Those are including:
  • Cisco 7920 Wireless IP Phone
  • Senao SI-680H VOIP Wi-Fi Phone
  • Zyxel P2000W (Version1) VoIP Wi-Fi phone
  • UTstarcom F1000 VoIP Wi-Fi phone
  • Hitachi IP5000 VoIP Wi-Fi phone
For full report at IP Telephony

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Skype Mobile Phone Over Wi-Fi

It sounds great for Skypers:

  • World’s First Skype Mobile Phone
  • Built-in Skype software
  • Skype calls without having to turn on the PC
  • Wi-Fi connection

That is the feature-added VoIP handset to meet the ever popular Skype phenomena. We will see more to come. Stay tuned…

Taiwan-based Accton Technology Corp. unveiled in Tokyo Monday what it is touting as the world’s first mobile phone with built-in Skype software that can be used to make free calls over the Internet without the aide of a personal computer.
The company said in a press release that the WiFi SkyFone WM1185-T wireless mobile phone will benefit more than 50 million customers of Skype as well as companies and households which have not yet used Skype, because they can use it to make peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet calls to any phone users in the world without having to switch on their computers.

Source: Yahoo News

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Linksys Wireless VoIP Phone

As seen recent traditional Telco, cable TV provider and mobile network carrier all in a new wave of consolidation mood. The hardware makers have wasted no time to try gearing up the new products to meet new tech trend.

From an unofficial source, TomsNetworking revealed Linksys - a consumer network hardware leader has ready to roll out a new wireless VoIP mobile handset on their production line.

For the review of new Linksys wireless VoIP phone - Linksys WIP330 Wireless-G IP Phone [Via TomsNetworking]

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