Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stylish UBS Skype Phone - IPEVO

Skype with style! Control Skype in the palm of your hand with this fashionable USB phone.
It is called Free.1 an advanced USB phone specially made for active Skype users. With lightweight and stylish design, it is a lot more fun using Skype! Programmable buttons provides users with higher level of convenience. It allows users to have better control of Skype and make SkypeOut calls via the keypad. Ten different ring tones alert users of incoming calls. Other functions include volume control, microphone mute, speed dial, and LED light indication.

Key features:

  • Skype Certified
  • USB Plug-and-Play technology
  • Superior sound quality (16 KHz sampling rate)
  • PC sound card not required (Independent use of phone and sound card allows for Skype call while listening to music on PC)
  • LED indicates USB connection state plus off-hook condition
  • Acoustically isolated speaker and microphone to eliminate echo
  • Built-in volume control and mute button
  • 10 selectable ring tones (include silent)

Free.1 is easy to operate and frees you from keyboard. With the “S” key I select the Skype Application, scroll down contacts list using the Scroll key, find Skype Test Call (Echo 123) and then hit the Call button. To do a SkypeOut Call, you just hit the + key and dial the number. To send a Voice Mail I use the list key and select the right function key. Done, it’s simple.
Online price is USD $29.99.

An ideal Christmas Gift!? More info at IPEVO

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