Thursday, October 05, 2006

Skype Mouse Phone on Your Desk

Sysgration a Taiwan company has introduced its ASG 142 Skype mouse phone. It looks, works and feels like a smaller laptop mouse. It uses a 800 DPI optical sensor and you connect it to your USB port. It works perfectly as a mouse but this is not the only thing you get.

Key Features of ASG 142 Skype Mouse phone:
  • A green color 1.3 inch LCD display screen
  • Displays Skype Contact lists and their status
  • Build-in microphone and speaker
  • Separate sound chip to enhance Softphone VoIP call quality
  • Single USB Cable to handle both mouse and phone
  • Supports hands-free speaker phone
  • Dot matrix caller-ID and Volume Control IM
  • Auto detection between Mouse and Phone
  • Uses USB 1.1 interface without extra power or sound card
  • Light weight - 100 g
Details of review at The Inquirer

Monday, September 25, 2006

Raketu - P2P VoIP Software is Not Another Skype

Raketu is a unified communications client to deliver integrated Communications, Information and Entertainment to consumers and businesses via peer to peer technology and unlike other peer to peer communications providers, Raketu does not use your computer for other users’ communications (supernodes).

  • VoIP multi-line calling and web conferencing
  • Dialing out to landlines and mobile phones
  • Support for any instant messenger (AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, GoogleTalk)
  • Conferencing across messengers
  • Support for SMS text messaging
  • Support for file transfer
  • Support for email
  • News, Sports, Weather and Stock feeds (with alerts to Raketu or SMS)
  • Advanced integrated search (web, health, restaurants, music)
  • Advanced integrated travel (flights, vacation, hotels, cars)
  • Full audio/video media player with karaoke built in
  • Ficture viewer for viewing slide shows and PowerPoint Presentations with music
  • Podcast reader/player
  • Games
Raketu works over dialup or broadband and also more exciting services are planned for the coming months when Raketu will launch in-bound calling, advanced voice mail and large conferencing. Free download at Raketu

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